Thursday, October 8, 2009

physics test

at last.. the physics test is over.. even though there is a lot more of exam ahead.. I'm doing pretty well in this exam..based on my feeling only, the result will probably out next week if Mr Jawad struggles to mark the test paper during the weekend... the only doubt and curious in my mind is about of the questions...if i'm not mistaken the calculation part to find the distance between the two charges... I don't know whether the answer is right or not..

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


it has been so long long long time since I had updated this blog... Maybe the bunch of assignments, homeworks, quizes , and test..all of the time.Tomorrow, there will be another physics test and so far by performance in that subject is improved as time goes by... It is the nature of this course.. It is undeniable that it teaches me to prepare well before going to Canada ...if God willing... And so far I've started chatting and webcamming with my family... they are to excited to interact with me using the video call.. At the same time, I'm also close to my family on top of that I can not only hear my parents and siblings voice but only their video..that is also one of the ways to interact with my family's members without using the phone call...