Monday, March 29, 2010


After extremely fascinating and exciting holiday especially spending most of my time at Langkawi island, right now is the critical hour for me and my friends.
Well, a bit about my holiday, there is no other word than 'GREAT'. It is the best ever holiday I had gone through even though I was a bit tired during the long journey on the train. Besides, I didn't do any homework or read any book for ENG4 u project.

Till now there are still 4 days before the ielts result will be out.. What I feel right now? I also confuse and pretend to no nothing...just to hide my fear and nervous. Hope for good news soon on glorious Friday...

Friday, March 5, 2010

Going to tepeng

In order to fulfil the uni requirements that I applied, I need to go to my former school to certified my spm result.. So the journey begins.. Actually, I took the train directly from kl sntral to tepeng accompanied by my friend, Jemer James (no the real name) who need to do the same thing like me.. to certify spm result... It took approximately 6 hours from kl to tepeng, and it was truely exhausting journey... At last, we succeed arriving to our destination and after several occasions.. our mission accomplish.... another thing.. we also took the spm certificate together with the gceo certificate from the office.. the end