Monday, February 21, 2011

Reading week


At last, I'm going to write something in this dusty blog.. Actually, a lot of thing I want to write here.. but don't really have the right mood ..haha

Well, right now is the reading week for me in uoft and most of my friends from other universities here.. Actually, in the reading week, there is no class for a week. What a relieved after a bit struggling in this semester with all of the distraction that can be prevented really.. So for me the significant of this reading week is to catch up everything from the first half of this semester before going further to the end of this semester.. This is a great time for me to revise..haha.. (bajet study lebih) but I must to study weh... Just after this break I have a lot of test that contribute to higher percentage in my final mark..
Initially, I want to go somewhere.. Ottawa maybe because there is program being held there for two days... but I better have a good rest this week.. and of course I'm really struggle to finish my part for my design course.. I don't really know if there is such design course offered in other universities.. but here in uoft is yes..

I have to deal with client.. examine their problem statement bla bla.. and set up gant chart (I don't know whether I spell it right) it is basically the schedule for our entire design project till the final presentation... Luckily, it is a team work.. Well , in real life engineers deal in a group.. it is great exposure for me.. Forget to mention here.. my group's project isn't that bad.. a bit easy though.. I have to make a safety video in chemical engineering laboratory.. sound not that bad... must as soon as the project progress, I feel the pain bit by bit..haha..

Ok, it is enough for update