Tuesday, May 24, 2011

I'm back


Actually it's quite late to post about my arrival at my home sweet country... One week past and everything is going back to normal.. all malaysia's styles... Gladly, I'm not experiencing all those temperature shock.. haha.. I think it still ok here in Perak even though in the middle of the day it is extremely hot and my lighter skin is going to tanning a bit.. After all, I'm so thankful to Allah for giving me a safe and comfortable journey with less difficulties and hurdles... Right now I have to plan my time wisely so that I'll fill this 4 months holiday with a lot of memorable and enjoyable experiences....

But the thing that I am a bit frustrated about is regarding broadband connection here.. There is no digi 3G coverage around my house even though I have subscribed with digi smart plan unlimited data usage.... I have to go to the middle of the town to get the connection.. and my father's maxis wireless broadband is quite good but the quota is something that I sad about.. 2 gb limit is far less than what I've been using back in Toronto with 80 gb quota..

After all, I'm so happy to be here where my body and soul belong..

(For those who still have my digi number, FYI I still using that number right now)