Thursday, March 28, 2013

A new chapter in my life


After a very long time without any post, I suddenly decided to write something here. Well, there is a lot to catch up since my last post in July last year. It is almost the end of my 3rd year actually. A couple of weeks before my 6th semester's final exams. It has been a very challenging and tough year I guess, with those labs that last for 7 hours but it is worth while experience I would say. Familiarise your self with all of the equipments that will be used in industry will be beneficial as an engineer. I am right now quite familiar with those piping, heat exchanger and distillation column stuffs.

Another new chapter in my life would be my nomination as the president and vice president of Malaysian Students Association of University of Toronto (MASAT)...haha.. I need to write its full name here. I haven't actually hold such high position since my primary school. But, I feel I have the motivation and determination to serve Malaysian community here better and being involved and taking part in a lot of activities here. At last I have been elected as the vice president with a very tight margins. Congrats to the president. She is the first women president here..haha.. Nvm, I think I can work well with her for the rest of this year and next year.

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I think that's all for now....