Saturday, May 18, 2013

Job Hunting Mode ends


It has been quite a while since my last update in April. Today I just want to talk a little bit about job hunting. At one point of our life, we will reach this time where we need a job badly and we have to prepare our best for it in order to compete with lots of other people who are also looking for the same job as we are. To clarify here, this post is not intended to give you any job interviews tips or tricks, it is merely my thought and expression that I had during my time searching for a pey job.

Sometimes, it can be quite frustrating and time consuming to prepare for a certain interviews in term of the company's backgrounds, go over job descriptions and practice to answer the common questions such as 'tell me about your self' and many other things. Usually, we believe that we have prepared our best for it but it turns out to be not what we are expected. To some extend, looking at most of your friends who succeed in securing their job even though they look less smarter than you..haha.. make you feel that you are so dumb and loser. But it all depend on your luck, passion and how much preparation that you have done. At the end of the day, Allah knows the best for our life. We just need to keep increasing our efforts, prayers and always be motivated. And yeah, at last I got a job in a quite big company and I am so relieved and thankful to Allah. 

Even though, I do not really graduated yet from my studies and I have one more year to go, being able to work/intern for a year in a company related to your field of studies before entering your final year, getting a lot of money and having higher chances to be employed after your graduation are quite an astonishing accomplishment and experience for your future career.

I hope that a lot of my friends out there that still do not have any jobs either for internship, pey or permanent position will get one soon.