Sunday, April 18, 2010


A few days back, I got an offer from mcmaster university..... Well it's the second choice from my ouac list.. After all, I'm thankful for receive my 1st university offer.. So far, I still waiting for my 1st choice university. Hopefully, I'll receive the offer from that university shortly... Actually, mcmaster uni is also top engineering school in canada and I still considering on going there or not.. as most of my friends are thinking of going to mcmaster especially my roommate.

Mcmaster is special uni for me instead of uoft... for example all first year students undergo the same course or known as general engineering..if I'm not mistaken... Therefore, students can still make up their mind on which specialization they intend to do.. So far I intend to do the chem engine... but sometimes there are doubts in my mind whether to take chem or others.... but after a very long and depth thought in this issue.. I strengthen my mind to choose what I have applied... till next post

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Icpu students dilemma

Well, casualty is subjective... That is the only thing I remembered during the eng4u class about the magic realism.. as far as I concern, everything happens in this world has its own reason on each person. If we go through something that will hurt us the most, there must be such reasons and messages underlying it.. So far, icpu students are getting busier to choose the best path for their life... sometimes they are so lucky as they pass all difficulties with flying colors.. the most obvious example are ielts and also osslt... Besides, maintaining the marks above 80 percent also the main concern for students.. As stated earlier, student who perform very well in the midterm and also in ielts test has vastly option to choose the university and others... Like what my friend told me before,, those students can demand more for better university.. In contrast, there are some unfortunate students who don't make it.. I mean do not pass the ielts and fulfill the requirement from the uni and also the sponsorship body, JPA... They don't have such great option to choose the best uni they want, indeed they only hope for uni's that doesn't require the english facilities.. But remember, it is not the end of the day, even though it is hard to accept there is still abundant of option left to improve everything... Most importantly, do not lost hope to the Creator.. (It is also an advise for me).. Last but not least i just want to share an inspiring picture with all of you..

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Alhamdulillah..... ielts is over

Thanks to Allah All Mighty... as every hardworks I made since a few months back were all worthwhile... I just received my ielts result and score listening=8 reading=7 writing = 6.5 speaking=6.5. Although it seems to be not really good, but it is sufficient for the university requirements, as they require 6.5 and above. I can't challenge one of my housemate, BIOMAN who scored 8.0.. With quite impressive midterm (not so good actually) mark, I hope the universities that I applied to ,will' accept me.. please... now I'm thinking on how to send my ielts score to the universities..