Sunday, October 26, 2014

Final year

Assalamualaikum peeps,

After more than a year I left this blog untouched, it's the time of the year again for me to do some writing here. It is so interesting to see back what I have been writing here for the past 5 years. I remembered that I first started this blog during my time at CPU where I intended to just write my personal reflection on what is happening around me and at same time trying to improve my writing skills..haha.. Now, this blog is merely a medium for me to fill my boredom of live by sharing my not really  interesting experience here.

As the title says, I'm currently in my final year of my studies here at UofT. It is really fast isn't it. How fast time flies is really beyond me. I admit, you wouldn't always see sunshine and rainbow while you are here, but a mountain of hurdles to be passed. As you reach the top, than you'll see the real picture of your life here and how you can do better on your way down. Since this year, an influx of first year students comes to UofT, that is the piece of advice I'll give if you want to succeed here. Transition from high school or pre u to the real university life is not as difficult as it seems. I don't want to talk much about it here, maybe in the next post, but what I want to say is if you have the motivation and goal to succeed plus smart study skills (something you would acquire over times) and say no to procrastination, than nothing will stop you from getting good cgpa.

Back to the main topic. It is about a month before the semester ends. What I can say, my final year is not that bad. I have 4 subjects; plant design, engineering materials, intro to psychology and social inequalities. It seems less hectic than what I have been gone through in my second and third year. Most of classes start after 11am which is really awesome..haha.. The main subject will be of course the plant design. Plant design is where you utilize all of the things that you have studied before; reaction process, reactor sizing, economic analysis, mass and energy balance (basically you can list of the chem eng subjects here..haha). My team is awesome too.. even though there was a moment of awkwardness and insecurities whether this team will be performing well or not at first...haha

To tired to write now (not really used to write essays for quite some time).....I couldn't imagine the time I will leave Toronto for good.. or should I stay here for a couple of years before going back.. The thing that is  always playing in mind right now...

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