Tuesday, April 9, 2013

What to expect in Chem Eng Undergrad


This week is the final week before the final exam starts. So for my team and I there is a lot of report, assignment and project that need to be submitted. Being a productive student, finishing works at the eleventh hour is a norm right. Here, I just wanna share one of the projects that I have successfully completed on time. In order to prepare the chem eng student to the plant design project during our forth year, we need to do a mini plant design project. My team needs to design the reactor, distillation column, heat exchangers, controllers, valves and other tedious stuffs for ethylene hydrogenation process. Here, I attached the P&ID for the process.

With still one more year before grad, now I know what the hell are people in chem eng doing in the real working life..Well, there are many fields and job scopes actually that I can work in. One of them is working as a design engineer..As what I did in my project.  I need to design the chemical processes in order to produce the desired products that I want, so I decided the reactants that I will use, the type and size of the reactor and separation column and many other freaking stupid stuffs..haha.. there is a lot of thing to consider in order to design a chemical plant I mind you.. One of it is of course related to the safety requirement. Failures or accidents in chemical plants can  cause a disastrous damage and can cost lots of life too..

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