Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Post Final Exams


Yesterday was my final paper of this semester and right now I'm officially done with my 3rd year. I can't believe how fast time flies when you suddenly realized that you have only one year left or 2 more semesters to go before wrapping up your undergraduate studies. Honestly, this year was the toughest year I would say compared to the two previous years with a lot of workloads and serious chem eng courses. My prof said during the last lecture that once you guys have past the 3rd year, you have all of the required skills and knowledge to be a chem eng. But still, what I learned was still basic and not really advanced at all. I know that once you are in real working environment, everything is gonna be different and challenging. Right now, I am really looking forward for the summer here and still I didn't secure a job yet but I have one last interview this Friday. For this time round, I hope that I can do my really best and I wont disappoint myself.

That's all for now.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

What to expect in Chem Eng Undergrad


This week is the final week before the final exam starts. So for my team and I there is a lot of report, assignment and project that need to be submitted. Being a productive student, finishing works at the eleventh hour is a norm right. Here, I just wanna share one of the projects that I have successfully completed on time. In order to prepare the chem eng student to the plant design project during our forth year, we need to do a mini plant design project. My team needs to design the reactor, distillation column, heat exchangers, controllers, valves and other tedious stuffs for ethylene hydrogenation process. Here, I attached the P&ID for the process.

With still one more year before grad, now I know what the hell are people in chem eng doing in the real working life..Well, there are many fields and job scopes actually that I can work in. One of them is working as a design engineer..As what I did in my project.  I need to design the chemical processes in order to produce the desired products that I want, so I decided the reactants that I will use, the type and size of the reactor and separation column and many other freaking stupid stuffs..haha.. there is a lot of thing to consider in order to design a chemical plant I mind you.. One of it is of course related to the safety requirement. Failures or accidents in chemical plants can  cause a disastrous damage and can cost lots of life too..

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Plan for the future


Right now it is actually almost 3 am in the morning and I don't sleep yet. It is not that I have works to do at the moment but I'm just wondering about my uncertain plan for future.. Maybe my plan for this summer... As I don't get any job yet whether in Canada or Malaysia.. so I can't decide what to do next after my 6th semester final exam. I have about 3 more weeks to receive any job's offer and to make a decision.

Last Monday, I had an interview with Holcim, a cement and concrete manufacturing companies with a lot of expertise in construction field. I have yet to receive any news from them... I hope something good will happen next week..

What I would say, after SPM until now, I didn't really have any proper plan for my future. The moment I received MARA offer to study in Australia based on trials result and the moment I received the JPA scholarship to study in Canada and I rejected MARA..haha.. a lot of things happened and I didn't really have a full thought and control of my action actually. During high school, I'm thinking of doing something related to software engineering or electrical engineering in the future.. but it ends up I'm studying in chemical engineering instead.. and last couple of weeks one consulting company enquired me whether I am willing to do the acca, something related to accounting after my grad..and I said yes..haha.. I can conclude here that a lot of decision that I made through out my life was based on what somebody is willing to offer me..But someone else would say that it is the rezeki that anyone else wouldn't get and I should be really thankful for it

After all, I pray to Allah so that I can get a job here...please...