Friday, July 31, 2009


before this I had posted my social evil essay at my blog, so that I can share with everyone. But, unfortunately, when I checked my essay to detect any plagiarism through the web, I'm shocked because the entire of my essay was detect plagiarized... why ?? ... because the site has search the essay throughout the internet and detected my post as well.. so my each sentences in my essay is said to be plagiarized.. Therefore, from now on... the social evil essay will not be available..

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Third week..

Right now I am busy around writing an english essay about the social evil facing the world today.. Truthfully, wrting essay is no my cup of tea.. a bit lazy as I have to write a 1000 words essay about that... but nothing can absrupted us to doing something if we really want to do it.. so far so good.. actually if set our mind goal to achive something and we put a big effort on it.. God will.. we'll success.. at the end of the day... Just to tell all of you, my social evil is about the global warming that we are facing today.. the Earth is getting warmer... do you realize it... The example is pretty simple, we should swith off all of the elctrical instruments in our house when we are not using it, especially the light.. the waste of electrical energy lead to the production of higher percentage of carbon dioxide gas in the atmosphere.. and at the end of the day... the temperature of the Earth is increase as time goes by..

Ha.. forget to state here.. at the end of this week .. I will have a adv fuction and physic test.. hopefully I can do my best for both of the subject..

Saturday, July 18, 2009

UMNO's member


I will never miss the prestigious game between MU and Msia.. I was a bit upset.. because there is no ASSP channel.. at my room's tv.. only ESPN channel... but I made it a point to go to the mamak's restaurant in front of the Mydin.. not too far away from my apartment... it took only 10 minutes bu feet.. haha.. Before that, I accompanied my friends to Pudu.. to by the bus ticket... to go back home next week.. so to feel my empty life.. I follow them.. when I was at the Masjid Jamek .. LRT station.. I could see a vast number of reds people.. I mean the MU fans wearing the MU jersey.. I'm a bit upset because I couldn't find anyone who wore the Malaysia jersey... Back to the main story.. I watched only the second half game with a mee goreng mamak and a glass of hot tea o.. in front of me.. eventhough Msia lost the game.. but I am so proud with the national team performance.. especially to Amri Yahyah.. for the fantastic dual score... I thought the game was almost end up drew and continue with extra time.. or penalty.. because the Msia's defenders were doing there jobs very well... but what can we do... the 84 minute scored by Owen .. vanished all of the msia's hope.. the game end up 3-2..

Sunday, July 12, 2009

After a week...

It seems that I've been a week I'm being at this prestigious taylors college... as time goes by I feel that the education style and environment here are quite comfortable with my self eventhough at first it is a bit hard living at the hustle and bustle city.. sj.. but there is no humans without difficulties and challenging.. even our prophet muhammad also has been test with a greater hardness compared to the ordinary person like us.. what we should do now is trying to adapt the new environment and try my best to face them... and I always remember what my parents say here (taylor) is just the beginning of your life.. if you feel that it is very hard... the life at canada is much harder than this... and lastly, never forget to the Almighthy..always ask Allah swt for help.. assist... and also bless in life.. so that we can excel now only now.. but also hereafter..
here I just want to share a translation from 'surah al-Baqara : 216 ' that I get from my cousin...
I may be that you hate something when it is good for you and it may be that you love something when it is bad for you . Allah knows and you don't know...

Thursday, July 9, 2009

hectic life...

It has been almost a week I'm being at Taylors College..... At first, the life was very challenging being in the new environment, place, people and others... All of my lectures are from Canada.. Luckily I can understand well what they are speaking....

Friday, July 3, 2009


tomorrow is the starting point... to build up a new lifestyle..spirit and also motivation to continue back my unfinished study at kole nerang..haha... Actually, I don't feel much excitement to go there than other of my friends.. maybe the excitement has gone away and buried together with all the best moment at kole nerang.. but I have chose this path..there is no a way back... We as a human just plan something.. but the Al-Mighty determine it... Maybe, this path will turn me to better person or for a bright future onwards.. There is no more to feel regret, the times to think has already given.. and what I should do now, is to strive for infinite success.. others unnecessary things should be throw away so that my ambition will come true..

And until this moment, I'm actually looking on the map from my house to the college.. and of course in this globalisation era.. internet has all of the solutions... google earth and also google map.. so easy like eating a banana..(why banana??) I really hope that I'll do my best there in order to archive the average marks above 92 for sure.. because my aims now is to go the UoT.. you can do it..

Perpecahan dalam pakatan...

ALOR SETAR: DAP Kedah semalam memutuskan keluar daripada Pakatan Rakyat negeri selepas tidak berpuas hati dengan cara kerajaan negeri pimpinan Pas menangani isu rakyat, khususnya bukan Melayu. Pengerusi DAP Kedah/Perlis, Thomas Su, berkata keputusan itu dibuat pada mesyuarat tergempar dihadiri pemimpin DAP Kedah di pejabat parti itu di sini, selepas protes menghalang perobohan rumah pemotongan babi di Kampung Berjaya oleh Majlis Bandaraya Alor Setar (MBAS) gagal dan tidak mendapat perhatian sewajarnya. Katanya, keputusan sebulat suara itu dibuat berikutan rasa tidak puas hati DAP terhadap tindakan MBAS meroboh rumah pemotongan babi itu, semalam, selain isu lain yang tidak diselesaikan walaupun sudah berlarutan sekian lama.
"Kami mengenal pasti beberapa isu yang tidak diberi perhatian oleh kerajaan negeri, antaranya isu 50 peratus kuota milikan hartanah Bumiputera dan isu meroboh kuil serta tokong di Jalan Pegawai dan Tanjung Bendahara yang dalam pengetahuan kami sudah diluluskan MBAS. "Kemuncaknya apabila isu rumah pemotongan babi tidak dibangkitkan oleh Exco Kerajaan Negeri, Datuk Phahrolrazi Zawawi pada mesyuarat ahli majlis mesyuarat negeri hari ini (semalam) walaupun beliau bersetuju berbuat demikian. "Berikutan itu, wakil DAP dalam kerajaan negeri, Ahli Dewan Undangan Negeri (Adun) Kota Darul Aman, Lee Guan Aik tidak menyertai mana-mana pihak," katanya di sini, semalam.

Kedah mempunyai 36 kerusi DUN yang mana 16 adalah milik Pas, 14 Barisan Nasional (BN), lima Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) dan satu DAP. Su berkata, keputusan itu akan dimaklumkan secara rasmi kepada DAP Pusat. "Kita serahkan kepada DAP Pusat untuk menentukannya, tetapi pendirian kami ialah DAP Kedah keluar Pakatan Rakyat negeri ini kerana tidak mendapat layanan sewajarnya terutama dalam isu membabitkan kaum minoriti yang menyukarkan perjuangan kami untuk rakyat. "Ia juga berdasarkan kepada tindak tanduk kerajaan negeri yang tidak selari dengan polisi Pakatan Rakyat," katanya.

Sementara itu, Menteri Besar Kedah, Datuk Seri Azizan Abdul Razak, menyerahkan perkara itu kepada DAP, Pas dan Pakatan Rakyat Pusat untuk menentukannya. Katanya, DAP Kedah tidak sepatutnya memutarbelitkan isu dan mengaburi mata rakyat untuk menutup kelemahan mereka. "Saya tidak pernah mengarahkan penangguhan sebulan keputusan merobohkan rumah pemotongan babi itu. "Tempoh penangguhan itu diminta oleh DAP dan saya meminta mereka mencari tapak baru, tetapi selepas sebulan tidak ada apa-apa dan sekarang mereka hendak keluar... keluarlah jika DAP Kedah mengatasi DAP Pusat," katanya.


Inilah yang dapat dikatakan pakatan yang berbeza ideologi.. pastinya tidak dapat mentadbir sesebuah negeri apatah negara... mereka hanya bersatu selepas pru 12 untuk membentuk kerajaan negeri di negeri-negeri tertentu..