Thursday, January 13, 2011

I'm going back

Peace be upon to all of you.....

Just a short and simple post here to inform everybody from Malaysia or anyone around the world that I'm going back to my hometown this May 15 hopefully, after 8 months being in this 4 seasons country.... and going back here again on September 7, after celebrate one week of eid with my family.. I choose the cheapest flight fare ever, korean air.. The flight's fare is $1368.. I'll transit at Seoul, South Korea.. Maybe next year, or next two year I'll be going to europe or elsewhere..

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Do you have any change?


Kat mane2 di dunia ni, mesti ade peminta sedekah.. tak kisah la bandar Toronto ke Kl ke mana2 la.. jadi kat sni saje nak share kerenah atau habit orang peminta sedekah kat sini yang kebanyakkannya ialah homeless.. ataupun orang yang takde rumah... duk tepi mane2 je.. Jadi nak share gak la kelakukan, mereka ni... so perkataan yang selalu keluar daripada mulut deme ni ialah.. awak ade duit syiling tak... atau pun dalam bi nye do you have any change.. so menyampah jugak melihat mereka ni yang macam tak tau nak buat kerje ape2..

Pada awal2 memang cuak gak, pakaian serabai, badan besar gak.. cakap nak mencarut je kerjenye.. nasibla aku tak pernah mengalami atau melihat mereka ni meragut ke ataupun buat kesalahan jenayah yang berat... itu antara kebaikan homeless kat sni.. pastu mereka ni takkan merayu sampai ke hujung mane pon kalau orang tu tak nak bagi duit.. if the man say no, then the homeless will go begging..

Aku ade kisah la pasal kawan aku ni mase mula2 sampai toronto la termasuk aku sekali, kan homeless tu cakap do you have any change?.... so aku ngan kawan aku ni ingatkan die nak tukar duit kecik, sebab die ade duit besar ke camtu ... nak beli benda ape2... taktau itu ayat orang minta sedekah... jadinye kawan aku tu cakap I don't have any change, I only have debit card with me, so I cannot help you.. haha.. so homeless tu pon pelik asal tetibe orang nak minta sedekah mereka cakap pasal kad debit lak..

Tula.. post boring yang aku nak share..

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Result atas pagar..


Today, the result is out, no more anxiety about the exam result.. everything is over and what should I do right now is just look forward for another challenge this semester.. Well, here in uoft engineering, in order to get the dean list, the average needed is 80 percent, no matter what is your gpa... it is probably the system used here.. And alhamdulillah... my average to one decimal places is 79.8... and according to the receptionist of the registrar office just now, all the average marks are going to be rounded to nearest whole number... so she said that anyone who got average of 79.5 and above will be rounded to I'm just too lucky this time... But at the same time, I'm so thankful... Need more hard work next time I guess...

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New sem starts tomorrow..


Holiday is too short for every students in the world... I'm not try to exaggerate but it's the reality.. Just in the blink of eye, 2 weeks of winter holidays are over... From tomorrow onwards, it is hard for me to update this blog frequently as I have to deal with a lot of works especially the chem report for process in chemical engineer subject and material science perhaps.. Just wish me luck everybody.. Hopefully, I will turn over a new leaf this semester... try to be more sensible and hardworking and the most importantly try not to drop any single mark from any quizzes or tests... But this sem the obstacle is even greater as I have a new ps3 in my house.. Ish.. I really don't want to get distracted in my studies due to the game especially fifa soccer 11.. Even right now, I force myself not to touch it anymore until the right time comes...hahaha

Below is the list if subject that I take this semester:

1. Principle in chemical engineer
2. Calculus 2
3. Engineering Strategy and Practice 2
4. Material Science
5. Fundamental of Computer

Till next post...

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Protest against Egypt Government

Today after I skated at the the skating rink, I saw a lot of people gathered nearby the ice skating rink bringing up poster and cross.. Most of them look like Arabian people.. At first, I thought that it was one of the Christmas ritual celebration in Canada.. but it turned out to be one of the Egyptian Christian gathering.. protesting about Christian people in Egypt...That's why there is a lot of them migrating here in Canada right now..

They slammed Egypt Government for being discriminated between muslim and non-muslim in term of of financial and many more..

I'm a little bit freaking out being there.... but nobody know I'm muslim except for myself and Allah... I don't really know what is really happening in Egypt currently, but as far as I concern there is some religious intolerance there.. I'm so thankful that Malaysia is still in peace and harmony.. Actually, Islam is all about peace.. there is nothing about terrorism in Islam... I cannot say more because I'm still in the process of learning... but some muslim recklessly used the name of jihad in Islam to kill and harm others.. that is really incorrect....

Silent without all of you...

Peace be upon to all of you..

I just feel the loneliness in my life since my friends from all part of Canada went back to their respective universities.. Hopefully, we all can meet together next summer or whenever time permits us.. Eventhough, some of us had to sleep on my dusty floor's and small house, it would never let down our happiness together to play ps3 or to go shopping during boxing day.. Here I just want to share a memorable picture for some of us during our tour around uoft. With the background of CN Tower, it totally proved that we were in Toronto, Canada.. not in Tronoh like some malaysian student who tried to fool utusan last year.hahaha.. After all credit to Amir Ridhuan for this nice picture....

Don't be surprised to see this picture in the next Salam Aidilfitri di Perantauan this year..

Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year Eve at Nathan Philip Square, Toronto

Happy new year to everyone, hopefully 2011 will give us more prosperous, healthy, peace and good living.. and the most importantly we can improve our ibadah and strengthen our faiths to be a better muslim..

Last night, was my first time I gathered with all of the people here in Toronto to celebrate the new year.. Don't get me wrong, I just want to see the fireworks and to enjoy this new experience nothing more than that...

Here I just want to share with all of you how the firework looks like.. though it is very tight and hectic as thousand of people gathered there to enjoy the show, it is a memorable thing to do before the academic period starts next wednesday